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An interface between Blockchain and Financial Services.


Bayro is building an interface between Blockchain and Financial Services that enables the issuance and trading of financial instruments using synthetic assets.

Reach new levels of massive investment through decentralized finance, where individual investors, fintech companies, traditional financial firms or technological giants are attracted so that they themselves can issue new financial products and trade it... This is our mission!


AHOJ Finance Network

The avant-garde DeFi protocol for derivatives supported by synthetics.

Ahoj Finance Network is a decentralized protocol, where new financial instruments or their combination are issued and traded, through the use of synthetic assets that represent any cryptocurrency, existing financial instrument or real world asset and it runs on a 3rd generation Blockchain.


A simple way to trade one asset for another.


This is the right way to define economics/financial rules to create new ASA (AHOJ Synthetic Assets).


A service to trade all minted ASA.


If you want check all the financial information around our synthetic market... this is the right place.


Blockchain Consulting

We can do prototyping, discovery, and proofs-of-concept to help you with the definition of strategies when your company is thinking about a blockchain adoption.

Financial + Cryptocurrency Advisory

You need to know the present and future financial impact of your company in the new era, you need to understand or define a token or its impact on the market, we can advise you.

Blockchain Solutions Development

We integrate blockchain technology in your business, and help you build new solutions leveraging blockchain.