Reimagining access to capital markets for all people.


At Bayro we believe that as more people in the world have access to the capital markets, regardless of the amount of their investment, we will help them achieve their dreams.

Through the tokenization of financial products, we are helping to democratize the transfer of value, reduce friction and accessibility costs, without compromising compliance or security.

We help our clients to offer their clients the possibility of investing in new asset classes through accessing specialized investment strategies, thus covering the demand for digital assets in a secure framework and enabling them to participate in the new digital financial economics.



Ahoj.Finance is a Wealthtech as a service platform for Derivatives and Equity Tokens.


A digital service for creating economic or financial rules to mint synthetics assets.


A Javascript Library for interfacing with Ahoj.Finance.


Is a synthetic commodity money to be used as a Stablecoin within a decentralized protocol.


With our digital portfolio management service, our clients will have a mechanism to inject liquidity into an automated market maker, and thus carry out asset trading.


Professional Investors and Family Offices wanting to invest in new asset classes in a trusted set-up and get access to specialized investment strategies.

Banks that are interested in meeting their customers' growing demand for digital assets in a secure framework and accessing opportunities to participate in the new digital financial economy.

Asset Managers intending to access new investment possibilities – through regulated, safe and vertically integrated services including storage, trading and asset management.

Blockchain Companies aiming to hold and manage crypto and fiat currencies in one place as well as tokenize assets according to their needs.


We help our clients to build the bridge between traditional and decentralized finance, in this way our clients can focus on growing their core business.

The service we provide is to make adjustments to any of the Ahoj.Finance products and build new financial and wealth management products on them.

Tokenized stocks and exchange traded products

Our clients can be the innovation paths of Binance, FTX and Bittrex Global, and enter the path of tokenized stock trading. We are here to help with Ahoj.Assets by adjusting one of our products to the specific needs of our clients.

Tokenized alternative assets

Innovative visions in decentralized finance make our clients leaders. We can accompany them in the tokenization and trading of real world assets (art, real state, cars), ETFs, Commodities and even assets representing sustainable market values (Carbon Market, Renewable Energy, Regenerative Ecology).

Stablecoin as a Service

With a white label stablecoin, you can fully own and rate the customer experience. With this service, our clients can boost their global business and establish market leadership. Our clients may be leading multinational retailers, global telecommunications providers, payment platforms or others offering commerce or payments to millions of users, our Stablecoin service could transform your business.

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Be ahead of the curve combining digital and traditional assets.

Get one secure and integrated access point to the new financial economy.

Tokenization of financial products.